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Beowulf is one of Scandinavia and Germany’s greatest heroes. Now, a gun manufacturer has paid tribute to the savior of the Danes.

Alexander Arms has come out with a .50 Beowulf rifle. This is not a .50 bmg (510), but a .500-inch. You can check them out at: www.alexanderarms.com.

They have, also, come out with a .21 Genghis. Many people think, and have been taught that Genghis the Khan was Oriental. History records that he had light brown to reddish hair, and green eyes.

You may want to drop a line to Alexander Arms and congratulate them on their fine choice of names for their fine firearms. You might let them know where you heard about them.


At the present, there are approximately 7 Billion people in the world. Of these, around 900 Million are White.

Ever since the “Hammer of the North” swept down upon Europe, Africa, and, as some believe, North America, we have put our Race at risk. Here are some stats that support that consensus.

In Vietnam, 86% of the men who died were Caucasians. 88.4% of the men who served in Vietnam were Caucasian. A huge 70% of the enlisted men killed were of Northwest European decent.

If you read any book on Mercenaries of the 50’s 60’s and 70’s, you will find a common thread, Northwestern Europe. Do we who still carry that bloodline, carry something else? Recklessness, risk taking, an inflated sense of adventure? Or do our Ancestors, through our DNA push us forward?

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