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Hammers of the Gods was formed in August of 1999. It's purpose was to honor the Gods of our Scandinavian families. The Scandinavian Gods were not vengeful Gods. Thor was the protector of Men and Gods. He was not invulnerable, nor was he immortal, yet he relished fighting against impossible odds such as the Frost Giants, their mortal foes. Odin, gave up an eye to drink from the waters of knowledge and wisdom. This was to help the Gods, and Men. What other gods were like this? It is said that Gods only die when people stop believing in them. We won't let that happen.

We want to go back to a time of pride, honor, adventurism, and rugged individualism. The year 2000 is the 1000 year anniversary of Lief Erikson's voyage to America. The Vikings considered a hero, as a man who faces evil everyday, and never wavers.

Because there is so much cheap jewelry on the market to "honor" the Scandinavian Gods and the exploits of the Vikings, we decided to do something that is based on quality, pride, and respect. We designed the hammers of Thor, to really look like a hammer of a God -- showing power and strength.

We will be marketing different variations of Thor's hammer, trading cards of Norse Gods and Norse Heroes, as well as shirts and posters, and stories on CDs. This will be an educational endeavor.

The hammers are solid 18karat gold or sterling silver -- no plating, pewter, or pot metal. The inscription which looks like D N R, is Viking runes for "Thor". When we can come up with a chain that meets our criteria, we'll produce it. In the meantime, all pendants are shipped with a linen wrapped leather cord.

To see photos of our products and to get ordering information, click here!

We want you to wear our hammers with pride, and hopefully, it will influence how you conduct your everyday affairs. Don't buy our products, and let them sit in a jewelry box. They are made to be worn!

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